Professional Services & Recruitment

For an organisation to succeed, it requires a great strategy, efficient organisation policies, systems, processes and procedures, skilled and experienced employees and culture that allows the employees to flourish. If any of these things are missing, the organisation will not achieve optimal results. One of the greatest contributors to the success of the organisation is having the right team and in the right positions. Hiring the right team not only requires dedication and time but a deep understanding and experience around recruitment. This is why you should hire a team that specialises in executive recruitment and training especially when hiring for management positions such as a Senior Marketing Executive

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How these firms work

In order to hire the employees who have the best fit for the positions available, the recruitment firm has to understand the company policies, culture as well as the position at hand. The first step is usually to understand the position and what it entails. Once this is done, the recruitment firm may identify potential employees from the existing pool of talent. If one does not exist, the firm should advertise the position targeting qualified and experience personnel. From the resulting pool of applicants, a shortlist is developed and interviews are arranged. The number and nature of the interviews will be determined by the skills required by the position to be filled.

Why work with professional service firms such as recruitment agencies?

Small organisations may not have the resources to maintain a proper human resources department. Firms that provide professional services like consultancy, training and recruitment can provide the required services when the need arises. Working with a single firm builds rapport between the two firms which is essential in ensuring that the quality of work is not compromised. It is also efficient since the professional service provider will understand the organisational culture in your business and therefore will be provide services that are aligned to this. Besides, these firms could come in handy in strategic decisions that would have taken your business a lot of resources to come to.


You may be asking, what happens to all the information provided to these firms? Do they have authority to share it with other people? Everything handled by hired professionals is confidential and the contracts hiring the firm should expressly state this. Any materials, manuals, policies or systems developed during any engagement belongs to your business and the professional service provider does not have the right or permission to use them without express and, often, written agreement. Any breach can be prosecuted.